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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog! It is about essence, that is why it is not very pretty :-) (for now!) I am a simple spiritual being having human experience. Willing to share my thoughts with a world. Hope You will find some wisdom here. And at another blog of mine: Ples i Grad (Dance and The City) . Cheers, LogoCoach DoReMiFaSolLaSi
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Naive Painting from Vojvodina/Serbia

 My favorite naive painter is  Zuzana Chalupová - Wikipedia . She is from Kovačica , Vojvodina/Serbia. Just one painting here. You can see more or even visit Gallery of Naive Art .  Photo from:  Zuzana Chalupova Hra na snehu - Zuzana Chalupová - Wikipedia

A Matter of Perspective



Walking through forest is a cure. I recently wrote an article about it, it is in Serbian so if You can understand it is here . If not, video and paper  on contribution of forests to human health in English from Forest Research . Mountain Kosmaj , Serbia, Nov 2021 Photo by: SM.ART

Finding the Aprey's constant in disguise...

 For some reason this formula is so beautiful for me!  From:  MA🪐 on Instagram: “Finding the Aprey's constant in disguise . . . . . . . #mathematics #math #mathshortcuts…”

Everybody will be famous...

 Andy Warhol

The Matrix Resurrections

Less than a month! The Matrix Resurrections ! Cant wait!  The Matrix Resurrections | The Matrix Legacy | Warner Bros. Entertainment - YouTube

"Forgotten faces of Komiža"

 "Forgotten faces of Komiža " is one of the stories from a great book " Knjiga o Jugu " ("A Book about South"), author Jurica Pavičić ( Croatia ). This story is about lost photographs at the Croatian island of Vis . A man found photos in 80-ies of last century. He took them and only in 2006 a Croatian director Dinko Božanić took photos from a man who found them and started taking care of them. He found out that they were made by photographer Jerko Fabris.  Than the idea came to Dinko's mind; he enlarged photos and put an interactive exhibition "Forgotten Faces of Komiža ". The inhabitants of the city was enabled to write down, underline the photo, all information about the person on it, if they recognize the face and have any information about the person. What came up were funny stories and memories, so the author Pavičić concludes: "Only a few years or decades after they left this world, people from Fabris photos were not remembered be