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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog! It is about essence, that is why it is not very pretty :-) (for now!) I am a simple spiritual being having human experience. Willing to share my thoughts with a world. Hope You will find some wisdom here. And at another blog of mine: Ples i Grad (Dance and The City) . Cheers, LogoCoach DoReMiFaSolLaSi
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My Short Haiku Stories: BookIng

There are no booking for appointments in our village. It’s higher math for our local service providers. The reaction of a local farmer in a hair salon: "Once you live. And once you die. You only have to wait at the hairdresser's every month." End of story.

Fed up with Positive Psychology

I am currently in the working group with team members who all studied  psychology/positive psychology. I am amazed with how many times they say for absolutely everything: "Amazing", "Great", "Exciting" and the lack of ability to look at the situation/challenge from the other perspective than "Fantastic" one. Maybe it is good to some extant but I can not simple agree with it. It is not a healthy attitude. It is too artificial and has no connection with real life. In short time it is ok, but in the long term it is unhealthy. You can read good article about it here .

My Short Haiku Stories: Dreams

One of my hairdressers, who drives from a nearby village to her salon in Sopot (5 minutes drive) every day, tells me that she has always dreamed of only two things: having a driver's license and being a hairdresser. She dreamed. She a chieved. End of story.

Winter Time 2021...

Well, this year we have a real winter here. A lot of snow. And ice. It is important to be well prepared for it; to have enough water, food for us and Dragy and Kata. We enjoy long walks. It is magical.

Fran Lebowitz about Wellness...

We are currently watching Netflix "Pretend Its a City" a project of Martin Scorcese and Fran Lebowitz. Wonderful dialogs, great sense of humor of Fran Lebowitz. Here is one about the thing called "Wellness". Taken from here . You made a fair point in the documentary about how a lot of the wellness trends are supported by Silicon Valley people who don't really care at all about the health of the rest of us. It's really just about their own quest for immortality or something like that. I have to tell you, the people who make these things earn truly stupid amounts of money—amounts of money that I think you should not be allowed to make. It's ridiculous. These tech people either consciously or unconsciously, I don't know which, probably think, "There's no way I could live long enough to spend this money. This is extra money, that I would have to live another 10,000 years to spend this money, even if I spend it ridiculously," which many of

"Ethos" Turkish Drama (Netflix)

T his is a patient but intelligent Turkish drama about several people whose fates become intertwined through chance and circumstance, uniting them in the vibrant city of Istanbul. Everyone comes from different socioeconomic backgrounds and has varied personal problems, beginning with Meryem, a part-time cleaner who is experiencing fainting spells and confides in psychologist Peri ( Ethos (Netflix) review - an excellent, truthful, artful Turkish drama ( ) SOurce:  Ethos (Netflix) review - an excellent, truthful, artful Turkish drama (